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Don’t Worry!
When you take out a plan with us, we send funds to our independent trustees for safe keeping. We nominate a probate lawyer to your case. In the unlikely event of your nominated probate lawyer going out of business, our trustees are empowered to organise and nominate a new one to process your future grant of probate and estate distribution.


A global provider of independent fiduciary services to professional advisers, international corporate groups and private clients for nearly 30 years.
ILS Worlds head office is in the Isle of Man. They also have offices in London, Portugal, Hong Kong, Dubai and the British Virgin Islands. They hold billions of pounds of assets on behalf of a wide range of businesses and high net worth clients.
ILS World has been successfully managing assets for individuals, professional advisors and international businesses for more than 30 years. It acts as independent trustees for a wide range of businesses and individuals professionally safeguarding many millions of pounds of assets. In the case of Prepaid Probate Limited, who offer customers the opportunity to pre-pay for future probate costs at a discount, ILS World controls the investment and in the event one law firm ceases trading it can allocate the funds to different solicitors to act on behalf of a client.