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Prepaid Probate Packages?

There are many benefits of taking out a prepaid probate and Estate Administration package, one of the main ones being the clarification and peace of mind it gives you and your family regarding the overall costs and process of administering your estate.
We take care of all aspects of probate and Estate Administration on your behalf. Take a look at what is included in one of our prepaid probate packages, from the registration of death to the distribution of your estate.
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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive regarding prepaid probate. If you have any further queries regarding our services and plans, how probate works, or pricing etc, please contact us for more information.
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We cover all probate costs and fees related to the administration of your estate. From obtaining a grant of probate and administering your estate to carrying out other executor duties, we charge a fee based entirely on your circumstances which will not rise with inflation.
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Prepaid Probate Costs

Our calculator shows the price of taking out a plan with us against that of a typical solicitors' charge at today's prices (typically 1.5% plus VAT)

We offer prepaid probate plans which include full estate administration services for a fixed fee, packages start from £3300 inclusive of VAT for a 55 year old taking a single policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you have any questions related to our services, how probate works, our plans, pricing etc. please contact us for more infomation.
What happens once I’ve bought my plan?
We will send you a membership pack with a certificate of entitlement about your plan along with a draft will naming the appointed probate solicitors as executors and trustees. Once your will is signed and witnessed, everything is in place.
Can I choose my own executor?
Unfortunately not. We appoint one of our affiliate solicitors to carry out the work so that we can ensure the process is managed to the highest of standards.
What happens when I die?
One phone call is all it takes for probate to be taken care of. The membership pack you received contains all our contact details so when the time comes, your family simply contacts us and gives us your plan number. The solicitors firm will then take care of all the arrangements.
Can I take out a plan for someone else?
Yes. You can take out a probate plan for another person. We can arrange for all correspondence to be sent to you.
What if I change my mind?
If you change your mind after organising a prepaid probate plan, you are able to cancel it within 14 days and we will refund payment in full. For details of cancellation terms after 30 days please see the enclosed Terms and Conditions. On the other hand, if you invest your money in the stock market, there is a real risk to your capital almost constantly. If your investments perform badly, you could lose even more than you put in.
What if I need to update my Will?
If you need to change or update your will, please let us know as soon as possible so we can assist you with the professional re-drafting of your Will. If your Will is being updated by another provider, it is important that you let us know so we can update our records.

What is included in your Prepaid Probate plans:

  • Assisting your loved ones with registering death.
  • Identifying, valuing, and gathering your assets, keeping them safe until they are transferred or sold.
  • Advising your next of kin on the terms of your will or intestacy provisions and discuss the duties of the personal representative.
  • Preparing the necessary documentation to apply for probate.
  • Arranging for the statutory notices as recommended by law
  • Liaising with the appropriate organisations, financial institutions and beneficiaries of the estate throughout the process.
  • Notifying beneficiaries of their inheritance entitlement, confirmin their identity and submitting bankruptcy checks.
  • Applying and obtaining the appropriate permissions and documentation from the courts.
  • Identifying any relevant reliefs or exemptions to the estate before calculating any tax owed.
  • Maintaining correspondence with the beneficiaries throughout the process.
    Ensuring any debts and liabilities are paid from the estate.
  • Corresponding with HMRC to complete income tax, inheritance tax, and capital gains tax returns and making any necessary corrections that are required, including arranging for any Nil Rate Band Allowance to be transferred.
  • Ensuring the accurate distribution of your estate.
    • This may include tracing beneficiaries, managing any claims against the estate, and evaluating variations to the distribution of the estate.

Cost Comparisons

Our fees for obtaining a grant of probate and administering your estate are tailored specifically to your circumstances. They are fixed at the outset and inclusive of VAT meaning that future price increases will not affect you.
Many probate specialists, banks and solicitors, charge an hourly rate of anywhere in between £150 - £300. Others charge a percentage of the value of your estate.

Some probate specialists charge both an hourly rate and a percentage. This means that even a relatively straightforward estate could incur substantial fees.

Most banks offer probate and estate administration services. However, these are usually far more expensive than using one of our solicitors.

Take a look at what you could be charged:

Firm Cost of administering a £270,000 estate
Barclays £13,395.00
HSBC £6,874.00
Lloyds/HBOS £10,800.00
NatWest / RBS £12,220.00

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