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Take a look at our step by step probate guide. Learn what is involved and why some solicitors and banks charge so much.
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Learn how prepaid probate works, how much you can save and how simple it is to arrange.
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Information on all aspects of probate planning and estate management inc. Inheritance Tax, Trusts, Wills & Lasting Powers of Attorney.
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Our friendly and professional team are here to advise on all parts of future planning and wealth management, explaining everything in detail so you can make the right choice for you and your family.

What Does Probate Mean?

Probate is administering the money, property and belongings (the estate) of someone who has died. Usually it means paying off any debts, paying Inheritance Tax and distributing assets according to the Will.

Probate cannot be avoided if your assets are greater than £5000.

How Long Does Probate Take?

It can take a long time and there is a lot to do: researching competitive probate fees, finding an experienced probate lawyer, applying for probate and getting the grant of probate. Followed by the administration of the estate.

Probate can be complicated, time consuming and expensive. If a Will is in place probate of a Will can take 6 or more months, depending on the complexity of the estate. Without a Will, known as dying intestate, can increase the probate process enormously and 2 years is not uncommon.

Our Prepaid Probate Plans

Planning your future has so many benefits and no disadvantages. Let us guide you today.

Probate can be seen as stressful and upsetting in a time of sadness especially if it’s a family member undertaking the process. They may be overwhelmed and worry about having the knowledge and time to do it.
Our prepaid probate plans are simple, affordable and fixed fee. There are many benefits including:
  • The cost is fixed so you know you won’t have increasing prices to worry about.
  • No future costs so your family has nothing to pay when you die.
  • Stress free for your family and loved ones.

Meet Our Trustees

Safeguarding Your Prepaid Probate Plan

Protecting our client’s funds now and in the future is of paramount importance.
You can rest assured that the cost of your probate is covered at such time it is needed in the future. Our probate providers have agreed to undertake your future probate at the fixed fee we quote to you today.
Your funds are securely placed with an independent trustee until probate is required.
Making advance provision for when you die can alleviate unnecessary stress and expense. Protect your estate and beneficiaries today and gain peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

By appointing us as professional executors, you will take away a great deal of pressure from your loved ones at what will be a very difficult time.

We will work closely with you to gain an understanding of what you wish to achieve and explain all the options available. We will then guide you through the process of creating a fully bespoke prepaid probate plan and estate administration service.

Our prepaid probate and executor plans start at £2750 inc vat. Unlike many probate services, this amount includes all estate administration costs and will not change whatever the circumstances.

A Fixed Fee. No Costly Surprises.

We offer prepaid probate plans which include full estate administration services for a fixed fee, packages start from £2750 inclusive of vat. Based on a 55 year old taking a single policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you have any questions related to our services; how probate works, our plans or pricing please contact us for help and information.
01. Why do I need probate?
Probate allows the Executors in a Will to settle the estate. This means that once any debts and Inheritance Tax are paid the estate can be settled between the beneficiaries. If probate is not undertaken the assets are frozen and beneficiaries will not receive their inheritance.
02. How long after probate is granted will inheritance be distributed?
Most estates typically take around 6 to 9 months for beneficiaries to receive their inheritance. It can be shorter on a small estate with no property and significantly longer on complex estates or where no Will is in place, known as dying intestate.
03. Who pays the probate fees?
The probate registry fee needs to be paid up front in order to obtain the grant of probate. The Executor usually pays it, this along with any other fees and debts can be reimbursed from the estate. All debts should be reimbursed prior to assets being distributed to ensure the Executor does not end up footing the bill for probate.
04. What are current probate fees?
If you take out a prepaid probate plan with us, you pay a single fixed fee for the process of obtaining the grant of probate and the administration of your estate. The current probate application fee is £155 if made by a solicitor or £215 if made by an individual. This is paid out of the estate by the executors of the Will. It is paid as an up front disbursement fee at the time of sending the application for the grant of probate, but reimbursed out of the estate funds once they are ready to distribute. All disbursements are paid out of the estate. Most banks offer probate and estate administration services at the time of death. These are usually charged on a percentage of the estate value and can be significantly higher.
05. Why do you ask me detail of my estate value?
There are a couple of reasons. Firstly, we get some elderly applicants who wish to proceed to purchase from us, but they have lower estate values. Because our pricing is based on age, with lower estate values, it is cheeper to use a solicitor charging a percentage of the estate. In these circumstances we are unhappy taking payment where it would be cheaper to proceed elsewhere. Secondly, if we know the value of your estate, we can give you a direct comparison of what a typical solicits cost would be against our age related fixed cost. You can then see just how competitive our fees are. Finally, if we spot that you have an inheritance tax problem, we do not want your beneficiaries to end up paying 40% tax unnecessarily. With your consent, we would introduce you to a fabulous firm who have some great IHT solutions.
06. Can I do probate myself or do I need a solicitor?
Yes, you can do probate yourself. You will be responsible for all the paperwork which includes legal, financial and tax. You will also be responsible for administering the estate and ensuring beneficiaries receive according to the Will. Some people find it too time-consuming and complex so seek assistance from probate specialists.
07. How will my loved ones know I have already paid for probate?
We can re-write a simple Will naming our professional Executors, at our expense. They will be contacted at the time and will take over probate. If you do already have a Will in place please discuss this with our experts and we'll advise you individually.
08. Is the government introducing new probate fees and rules?
The government announced there would be changes to probate fees, with some seeing a large hike. However, the changes have been delayed with no future date in place for review. Correct as of April 2020.
09. How can you do it so cheaply?
Whilst the job of obtaining a grant of probate is complex, our probate specialists are super efficient. The whole probate industry has been over charging for far too long. If you have two probate cases, both with one property, both with 4 savings accounts and both with 2 beneficiaries. But one one has a more expensive house and more savings so one estate is worth £1,000,000 and the other £300,000. Why should one be charged £24,000 for probate and the other £7,200 when it is exactly the same amount of work? It is wrong. We believe everyone should have the same service at the same price, regardless of estate value.
10. What happens if your probate lawyers go bust?
Funds are held by independent trustees until the grant of probate is needed. We nominate a probate lawyer from the outset to your case and you are notified of which firm has been nominated. However, if the firm ceases to trade, you don’t need to worry. The trustees have complete power to appoint your case to a different probate lawyer.

Don’t hesitate, contact us for individual help and advice tailored to your situation.

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Other Services

Thinking about the future and making plans for when we die is hard but it’s crucial if you want control over what happens to your estate. Leaving it to someone else could mean the people you want to inherit do not. It’s also essential if you want to mitigate Inheritance Tax liabilities.

Often when we are discussing your planned probate and your estate, there can be other important needs which become apparent. We may spot you might be exposed to Inheritance Tax or that you could benefit from some advice about putting assets in a protected trust. Where appropriate and with your consent, we are happy to refer you to tax advisors or specialist companies on our approved panel.

After years of working alongside some great estate planning businesses, we work with some professional people and experts in their field. You are never under any obligation to us or our partners.

Whether you simply want to organise Lasting Powers of Attorney or protect your wealth on an estate worth millions our team of experts can help.

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