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Prepaid Probate Ltd showcases our panel of experienced probate solicitors offering a wealth of expertise when it comes to planning your future.

We place great emphasis on our professional, objective and confidential approach and are fully committed to do everything possible to protect your interests.

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Planning your future has so many benefits and no disadvantages. Let us guide you today.

It’s never too early to make provision, none of us know what the future holds. You can rest safe in the knowledge you have a robust plan which guarantees your wishes and desires are met. That your finances are taken care of and that in grief your family do not have to stress or worry about making and managing financial decisions. Careful planning also means your family can keep as much of your estate as possible by limiting tax liabilities.
Take a look at our step by step probate guide and find out how you can save money in the future by planning probate now.
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With one of our prepaid probate plans, you pay a single, fixed amount in advance, to cover probate costs. Prices include the full administration of your estate.
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We can offer you information and advice on all aspects of probate planning and Estate management such as Inheritance Tax, Trusts, Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney.
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We provide a comprehensive guide to ALL parts of future planning and wealth management, explaining in detail what is available so you can easily decide what is right for you and your family.

Planning your future has so many benefits and no disadvantages. Let us guide you today.

By appointing us as professional executors, you will take away a great deal of pressure from your loved ones at what will no doubt be a very difficult time.

We will work with you closely to gain an understanding of what you wish to achieve and explain all the options available. We will then guide you through the process of creating a fully bespoke prepaid probate plan and estate administration service.

Our prepaid probate and executor service is offered at a fixed fee of £3800 which includes vat. Unlike many probate services, this amount includes all estate administration costs and will not change whatever the circumstances.

A Fixed Fee. No Costly Surprises.

We offer prepaid probate plans which include full estate administration services for a fixed fee, packages start from £3300 inclusive of VAT for a 55 year old taking a single policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you have any questions related to our services, how probate works, our plans, pricing etc. please contact us for more infomation.
01. What happens if no one applies for probate?
If nobody applies for Probate after you die, and Probate is needed, then your beneficiaries will not receive their inheritance. The assets will be frozen as no one will have the legal authority to access or transfer them.
02. How Long after Probate is Granted will Inheritance be distributed?
For a straightforward Estate with no property and just one bank account, probate could take as little as 3 months after which beneficiaries will receive their inheritance. However,most Estates in England & Wales are more complex than this, typically taking around 6 to 9 months for beneficiaries to receive their inheritance.
03. If I leave a property which I think has development potential, should I obtain a valuation?
HM Revenue & Customs provide guidelines for the valuation of property for probate purposes which state that the executor should make reasonably thorough enquires to complete and send the Inheritance Tax account. This includes the expected sale price the property it was sold on the open market at the time of death. This valuation should take into account any development potential. A formal probate valuation can be carried out by a RICS surveyor in accordance with HM Revenue & Customs’ guidelines if you wish.
04. What are current Probate fees?
If you take out a prepaid probate plan with us, you pay just one fee. This covers the application for probate and the administration of your estate. Most banks offer probate and estate administration services but these are usually far more expensive than using one of our solicitors.
05. What if your solicitor goes bust?
The solicitors and specialist probate firms we use, have to put the funds allocated for your probate into trust. The trustees are an independent firm who are responsible for managing the trust and overseeing where it is invested. Should the firm go bust, the trustees are obligated to find a replacement firm to act for the same cost.
06. How will my loved ones know I have already paid for Probate
We recommend our solicitor writes a new updated simple will for you (you both). We pay for this (not you). In the new Will, if the solicitors names themselves as executor or join executor, then they will always be notified once you pass away. This will ensure your loved ones don’t have to do the work or pay huge fees to a different solicitor to act.
07. Isn’t the government introducing new Probate fees
They had introduced new fees which were due to commence in April , however they have now reversed the decision. Fees will remain at £215 for now.

Don’t hesitate, contact us for individual help and advice tailored to your situation.

Planning your future has so many benefits and no disadvantages. Let us guide you today.

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